starter kit

NEYES Starter kit

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Kittet innehåller:

Thready (Threat)

Smoothy (Cleansing Oil 50 ml)

Eye Make up Remover (100ml)

Clear It (100ml)

Cool Down (30ml)

Brow Me (Eyebrow-Pencil) – No.1 / black + No.2 + No.3 / brown

Sharp Me (Scalpel to sharpen the eyebrow pencils)

Tweeze Me (Tweezers) – No. 1 /slant tip + No. 2/flat tip + No. 3/pointed tip

Scizzy (Scissor for cutting eyebrows)

Mascarabrushes (Pack of 50)

Cleansing Tips (Pack of 100)

Fix it (Developer for eyebrow dye 50 ml)

Color Me (Eyebrow dye) 5 different shades

Mixx Me (Mixing cups for Color Me – Pack of 80)

Measure it (Compasses)

Waxxys (Waxing stripes)

Waxxy Stixx (Wooden sticks – Pack of 10)

Brow Powder – 10 different colors in 2 Powder Paletts (each for 5 colors)

Sealing Gel for Brow Powder

Brow Power – Fortifier for Eyebrows

Brow Brushes – soft + hard (1 of each)

Eyebrow Template (Pack of 10)

Stretch Belts for Templates (Pack of 5)

Cutting Plate

Cutting Knife

Color Book (Needful tool for the individual dyeing and coloring the customers eyebrows)

+ Marketing Material